📺 PSEUDO is a video interview series featuring notable internet pseudonyms

Together, we explore humanity’s frontier:

  • 👨‍🎤 the pseudonymous economy

  • AI, web3 & our technological society’s bleeding edge

  • 👍 pro tips from successful pseudonyms

Guests speak pseudonymously via OASIS video avatars

About The OASIS

The OASIS was created to expand humanity's ability to communicate:

  • to express

  • to understand

  • to be understood

We make AI video avatars that work inter-operably across the social web––anywhere you would use a video camera––and sell them as one-of-a-kind cryptoassets called non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

We love being challenged in good faith. We see it as an opportunity to learn either a new perspective or how to not suck at communicating our ideas.

In April 2019, @MattMireles and @YousifAstar realized it was possible to create a new medium for human communication using new advances in GAN research. The hard part was making AI video rendering technology that could run on consumer laptops & smartphones without the need for giant cloud supercomputers.

It took us 100,000+ AI research experiments and almost 3 years, but we finally did it.

The Oasis is fortunate to be funded by a heterogenous group of visionary weirdos including @Naval, @BoredElonMusk, Cyan Banister, Packy McCormick, Matt Ocko, Ayo Omojola, Siqi Chen, Marc Randolph, Rob Stavis, Atypical Ventures, Remote First Capital, Founders Fund & many others.

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I interview the world's most interesting pseudonyms. Web3 fangirl.
Turning sci fi into reality at Oasis. 4x entrepreneur. Former 911 paramedic in the South Bronx & wildland fire fighter in Montana. Believe in activism through capitalism.